Sunday, January 10, 2010

Logic or the lack of it

In last week's Time Out magazine, in a feature on the forthcoming Barking election battle, BNP leader Nick Griffin, commenting on his party's chances in the Borough in the forthcoming council elections says:

"Once the BNP gain power there, the Government will be so desperate to get rid of us they'll be throwing money at the area to bribe back voters."

Putting aside the conceit that the BNP have May's elections in the bag in January, there is another small failure of logic in Mr Griffin's argument - namely, that if the BNP really did seize the local council - that any government, Labour or Tory, would want to continue to plough millions of pounds of taxpayers money (in the depths of a recession) into the hands of a local authority run by fascists who - it should also be remembered, have never run anything in their party's existence.

A party, that as the Times reported on the 6th January, that faces prosecution for submitting 'misleading accounts'to the Electoral Commission and has failed to give a “true and fair view” of its financial circumstances.

Worth remembering too that the BNP have also been fined £1,000 for filing its 2008 accounts in December — nearly six months after the original deadline.
And even then, the Electoral Commission concluded that the accounts were inadequate and requested further information.

The Times reported last week that: "In his report, which prefaced the accounts, Mr Griffin blamed poor accounting on changes in the party’s treasury department."

So the notion that any government after the next general election would want to hand over lots of taxpayers lolly to a political party that admits it can't even manage its own accounts - is like most of the rest of the BNP's prospectus - total fantasy.

Should the voters of Barking and Dagenham throw their lot in with the far right - they could be in for a very rude awakening indeed.

The notion then that the Borough would be flooded with UK government cash to repulse a BNP advance is so much wishful and dangerous thinking.....

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