Monday, February 8, 2010

What if?

WHAT if the BNP win in May and end up running the council after the local elections - a cause of jubilation for the far right but what about everyone else in the borough?

Local people have to ask themselves some very tough questions.

What employer would want to move into a BNP controlled borough?

Where will the jobs come from for local people and what will happen when companies decide to relocate because being based in BNP controlled Barking and Dagenham does nothing for business?

What headmaster would want to answer to council leader Richard Barnbrook?

What black social worker would want to work in a borough run by an administration advocating a form of apartheid and colour segregation, discriminating against people of colour?

What estate agent would be able to sell a two bedroom house in Barking or Dagenham when house prices plummet after May and there is an exodus from the borough?

What will happen to inward investment if the BNP win - will government still invest in schools, community facilities and child care or will the borough be quarantined given enough money to keep going but no more?

What will happen to the local crime rate if the BNP win - will increased numbers of racist attacks make areas of the borough no-go zones?

What will become of the reputation of Barking and Dagenham if the fascists win?

Who will speak to Bailey and Barnbrook - how will they be able to work with other organisations to build a better borough especially if those organisations have black and asian staff?

How will the BNP be able to cut the council tax and balance the council budget particularly as none of them have ever run any organisation before? Will they expect council officers to do it for them - if so - how many council staff do they think would want to work for a BNP borough?

Lots of ifs for local people to consider before they put their cross beside the BNP on election day.

Maybe they should stop and think whether their protest vote and then a BNP borough will be better - or in reality - much, much, worse.

One's thigs for sure there's no shortage of question marks beside what a BNP controlled council would mean.

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