Saturday, February 13, 2010

Would the BNP have stopped Dagenham prison?

You have to ask the question - would the BNP's Nick Griffin or Richard Barnbrook have been able to stop the plan to build a 1500 inmate prison in Dagenham?

- Would a BNP council led by the forementioned councillor Barnbrook have managed to get Jack Straw to come to the Borough and hear for himself the strength of opposition against the plan?

- Could he have persuaded 15,000 people to sign the petition opposing the plans? Would he have been allowed into Downing Street to deliver it to the Prime Minister?

- Would a BNP led council been able to convince local people to reply to a council questionnaire on the prison?

- And would Barnbrook, boozer Bailey or Welshpool based Nick Griffin have been able by force of argument to convince government ministers and civil servants to pull the plug on their prison proposal?

The answer to all these questions is a simple one - no.

The harsh reality is that the BNP are a pariah party - one that no one in government would be prepared to concede to - let alone listen to.

It's hard to believe either, given their particularly unpleasant brand of racist politics, that they could ever marshal mainstream local opinion on any issue to benefit the community.

In that case, if voting for them won't change anything - what is the point of voting BNP?

The BNP didn't stop a prison in Dagenham.
A Tory candidate didn't stop that prison.

It took a Labour MP - Jon Cruddas, working with the local council leadership - marshalling local resident opposition and lobbying government that forced a government re-think.

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