Thursday, April 1, 2010

case work

The BNP in Barking and Dagenham make great play about their concern about the provision of decent housing for local people.

Now you'd think that interest in all things housing would be reflected in the amount of casework BNP councillors have done in the last year about housing issues. You would, wouldn't you?
Well in answer to a Freedom of Information request - the following information has been obtained.

In terms of housing casework submissions - let's look at how much BNP councillors have submitted:

Top BNP councillor is -

Councillor Richard Barnbrook with 11 housing submissions.

Next up councillor Rustem with errm.... 9.

Then councillor Buckley with 6.

Councillor Knight with 3.

And in this role call of housing casework - last and certainly least - step forward BNP group leader, councillor Bob Bailey with er .... 1 housing submission......

To be fair that's better than councillors Doncaster - all three of them -
councillor Tuffs, Steed, Lansdown, and Jarvis - all of whom submitted not a single housing related issue.

And how did Labour council cabinet members compare?

Well council leader Liam Smith made 106 housing submissions.
Housing cabinet exec member Phil Waker 82.
Councillor Val Rush 41.
Councillor Rob Little 37.
Councillor Mick McCarthy 27.
Councillor Rocky Gill 23.
Councillor Bert Collins 21.
Councillor Jeanette Alexander 19.

You get the picture....

So proof, if proof were needed, that the BNP yet again, have been shown up for the lazy, all mouth and no trousers individuals they are.
So next time you see the BNP talking about housing remember how that talk translates into real action on housing matters...

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  1. Out of curiousity, what does a housing casework submission entail? Does someone have to go to a BNP councillor and specifically request that they handle it? Is it handled more or less by certain councillors for certain reasons?

    Need more information, otherwise all I see is a baseless smear.