Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving with the times

Not so long ago the BNP's 'big plan' to deal with the housing shortage in Barking and Dagenham was to park 1,000 caravans in the borough on waste ground and use them for local authority housing.

The 'plan' such as it was, rightly attracted ridicule. So back to the drawing board the BNP went.

So what is the BNP"s big idea to deal with the social housing shortage in the borough?

Well, it appears to be a two-pronged strategy.

In a BBC London interview earlier in the week, councillor Richard Barnbrook said that immigrants living in council houses and flats would be forced to move into tower blocks in the borough. "If we find Labour putting people into council stock that haven't got the right to be here then those people - I'm terribly sorry - will be removed from their council houses into flats in tower blocks."
(Presumably the ones in the Goresbrook estate?) At a stroke, freeing up council properties for the indigenous white population. Hurrah.

Ah, but a problem - Mr Barnbrook's wheeze would affect illegal immigrants in the borough - except the council doesn't house any. So how many would be moved? Err... precisely none.

Oh well. But have no fear, BNP leader Nick Griffin has had a blinding idea. he wants to offer 'non-whites' 50,000 to leave the country and return to the 'land of their ancestors.

Griffin said on yesterday morning's Today programme that the scheme would be open to about 180,000 people a year - at a cost of £50,000 per person. So every year the BNP would give £90 million to people of colour to get the hell out of Dodge.

How many people in Barking and Dagenham would be offered this is, as yet, unclear.

In the meantime, when the BNP take control of Barking and Dagenham council next week no doubt one fot heir first measures will be to instruct council officers that the council housing waiting list is redrawn to ensure every priority person on the list is white. No doubt council officers will have to make house visits to check on the racial background of borough residents which would involve asking for their birth certificates, those of their parents and their grand parents. I mean, you can't be too sure. To make this work - BNP councillors will have to be sure that housing goes to 'locals' who can show that they are born and bred in the borough and come from good indigenous white working class stock. And while they are it - why not take swabs from people's mouths to check on their DNA to work out their origins. Well, we know that Mr Griffin is a big fan of DNA searches.

So there you have it folks - what the BNP will do in a week's time if they get the chance.

Racial profiling to get a council flat or house in Barking and Dagenham.

That'll be fun. And what happens if their's a mixed race couple near the top of the waiting list - what happens to them Mr Griffin and Mr Barnbrook?

Maybe one gets a council flat and the other gets sent to a damp tower block.


It makes as much sense as every other BNP idea for the borough.

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