Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crocodile tears

Touching.... then again maybe not..

And so to this week's Barking and Dagenham Post and a touching letter from BNP council group leader Bob Bailey.

Councillor Bailey in his letter pays tribute to the council (shurely shome mistake)for "doing its bit to honour and remember" Rifleman Martin Kinggett who recently lost his life fighting in Afghanistan.

Bailey also praises the Post for its tribute to the rifleman "who lost his life fighting alongside his comrades in action in Afghanistan," and notes, "Our young soldiers like Martin Kinggett are doing a very difficult job in a country which is far away from here and our lives. His passing at such a young age will leave a big in the lives of those who knew and loved him."

Touching stuff. Until you remember that this is the same Councillor Bailey who not so long ago showed his respect for the UK military by turning up drunk at the council's ceremony to grant the Royal Anglian Regiment, freedom of borough.

And that this is the same councillor Bailey, who to cover up his embarassment, claimed he had been denied entry to the event because he was going to make a speech condemning the involvement of British troops in - you guessed it - Afghanistan.

Funny that councillor Bailey in his letter doesn't quite have the courage of his convictions to repeat his demand that British troops come home - and merely hints that they are 'doing a very difficult job in a country which is far away from here and our lives." (Subtle eh?)

Could this be the same individual who was heard (prior to his ejection from the Freedom of the Borough event) telling senior British army officers that it was time their boys were back in this country to shoot a few muslims?
Nah, couldn't be the same bloke at all....could it?

Either way councillor Bailey's crocodile tears about the death of rifleman Kinggett should be seem for what they are - a less than subtle attempt once again, to link the BNP to genuine public sympathy for combat casualties in Afghanistan.

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