Saturday, March 27, 2010

low cost local government

Have a peek at Dominic Carman's video interview with the lovely Mr Griffin -

and what the BNP leader believes is his party's path to power - 'low cost local government'.

How will he achieve that in Barking and Dagenham - by renting out the council HQ (not clear who would want to rent either the Civic Centre or Barking Town Hall, but 10/10 for effort)

He'd 'eliminate' and 'remove' overpaid sneior local bureaucrats and chief executives (so who will help the BNP run Barking and Dagenham council when senior council officers have been given the heave-ho, given that Griffin admits in the interview that none of the BNP's councillors in the country - presumably including Mr Barnbrook and Mr Bailey - have 'a great deal of experience'?)

The BNP leader also says that in addition to getting rid of all the politically correct council departments, his party would break up the council's housing department - and devolve it with a handful of staff in each council ward.....

(Not sure how that would help a council like Barking and Dagenham secure the kind of multimillion funding for new council housing and refurbishment as the council did this week - especially as they will have got rid of all the senior officers who would talk to government and submit bids for new housing to the Homes and Communities Agency).

So there you have it Mr Griffin's four-step guide to low cost local government and then to power and the BNP's promised land.

- renting out concil buildings (so where will the staff work)

- breaking up the housing department

- sacking senior council officers

- getting rid of politially correct council departments...

All in a bid to deliver the lowest council tax in the country.

Only one problem with all of this - if you look at any of the BNP's election literature in Barking and Dagenham - they plan to spend money like water...

They plan to increase the winter fuel allowance to £450.

Restore a full meals on wheels service.

Fund work experience programmes, recreational and lesiure schemes for youngsters..

Build more council housing..

Kepp open all day and drop in centres.

Increase services for the disabled.

Develop a shopping centre at Heathway...

Increase funding for local groups and museums that promote the interests and character of the borough....

So.... spend, spend, spend with the BNP.

But where's the money coming from for all of this? - especially when nationally whoever wins the next election - there will be huge cuts in funding for local government.

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