Thursday, March 18, 2010

So where is the money going?

Yesterday's Evening Standard revealed that BNP leader and Barking MP wannabe has claimed 200,000 in the short time he has been an Euro MEP.

Thi is the man remember, who claimed last year in his election campaign that exisiting MP's and MEP"s had their "snouts in the trough."

He has now published a version of his expenses on his own website but omits to say how much he has claimed of the 270-a-day MEP's subsistence allowance he's allowed to claim and how much he's claimed for travel.

So much for openness -so much for transparency.

And of the two hundred thousand he's pocketed while on the euro gravy train, where do we think most of that cash has ended up?

On leaflets and campaign material in Barking and Dagenham - that's where.

Nothing like trying to buy an election victory Mr Griffin? Shame it's with our money.

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