Wednesday, March 3, 2010

leopards and their spots

Last Wednesday the BNP presented their alternative budget at Barking and Dagenham's council assembly. The budget was notable less for what it said and rather what it didn't spell out.

The BNP in a bid to appear more like the human race, ditched the more loony policy platforms of the recent past (whatever happened the caravan park to provide social housing?)and aside from a daft commitment to slash council spending over the next five years to reduce the council tax to make it the lowest in the capital - they basically did a cut and paste job on the ruling Labour group's budget.

But the mask did slip just a little bit.... Surprise, surprise not only did they seek to wipe out the council's equality and diversity teams - they also sought to halve corporate grant funding for voluntary groups in the borough by £400,000. No mention this year though what specific groups they would like to see not getting money....mmh.. let me guess .... could they possibly be groups that help asylum seekers or ethnic communities?

Well, we'll never know, because strangely, in this an election year the BNP showed a marked reluctance to tell the good people of Barking and Dagenham exactly what they'd cut. (Can't think why)
But hey, maybe they've changed and post egm they've truly embraced multiculturalism and the political mainstream and they genuinely are committed to fiscal rectitude.

Then again, maybe not.

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